Which Muscles Do Kettlebells Help?

If you’ve ever wondered what muscles kettlebells help build, the answer is simple. Kettlebells build the same muscle that dumbbells or barbells build. It all depends on the routine you use. However, with kettlebells, there’s one other factor. That’s the off-center build of the kettlebells. Swings work virtually every muscle in the body at once. It’s one reason they’re so popular. The off center balance of the kettlebells forces the body to continually adjust as the weight moves.

How does the swing work so many muscles.

It’s amazing at how many muscles a kettlebell swing can work. Some estimates state that some swings can work up to 600 muscles in the body. It’s causing the muscles to lengthen and shorten, which works them in different ways, too. A two handed swing can work glutes, hamstrings, quads, core muscles, hips, back, shoulders, trapezius, pecs and forearms. You can see how that would also burn tons of calories, besides building strength in those muscles.

You’ll prevent future injuries with a kettlebell workout.

Your body has to stabilize the joints during a kettlebell workout. That means it has to keep the joints together, since the weight of the kettlebell during the swing can pull them apart. That works the smaller muscles that keep the joints in alignment and makes them stronger. The more you exercise with kettlebells, the stronger and more resistant the joints become to injury. Start out with a lighter weight kettlebell and build your strength until you can use heavier ones.

You’ll build stronger muscles because of a kettlebell swinging motion.

Muscles build strength two ways, when they lengthen and when they shorten. Kettlebells work them both ways. When they’re swung down, the body has to slow the motion to swing it back up again. That means they work eccentrically, while lengthening under the load. The swinging motion increases the effort the body has to make, which builds muscles faster.

  • Since your feet remain stationary during a kettlebell swing, it’s a low impact exercise that doesn’t put strain on joints, while providing both cardio and strength building benefits.
  • A kettlebell workout is intense. After just 30 minutes, your heart will pump hard and you’ll be sweating up a storm. It might look simpler than lifting weights, but it’s actually more intense and provides both strength and cardio training.
  • Kettlebells can prepare you for sports by developing explosiveness in your moves. Explosive jumps used in many sports are aided by kettlebell snatch, swing and clean that require explosive moves from the hips.
  • Kettlebells aren’t expensive, don’t take up a lot of storage space, require much space to use and are actually fun to use. People often turn to kettlebell workouts one day a week as a break from traditional training.

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