Try Some New Exercises For Variety

There are two things that will cause people to quit their workout program. One is boredom, but the worse is lack of progress or plateauing. Both of these things can be solved by adding new exercises for variety. If you’re bored beyond belief from doing the same routine daily, you probably won’t be getting as much out of each workout. It takes focus on each muscle group as you work it. That focus also makes it more rewarding as you feel each muscle function exactly as you want. If you’re at that boredom level, switching out your old workout for a new one is important.

Plateauing occurs when you do the same workout repeatedly.

What is plateauing and why does it occur? Plateauing is when you’re doing everything right and yet the scales don’t reflect the weight loss you expect. Why does that occur, especially if you’re eating a healthy diet? As you get fitter and thinner, two things happen that can trigger that. The first is that you lose weight, so you don’t burn as many calories when you workout as you would if you weighed more. If you’ve lost ten pounds, it’s like you quit carrying a ten pound weight everywhere you go. The second thing that occurs is that your body becomes efficient at doing a specific workout, which means it burns fewer calories. You have to increase your effort the longer you workout and switch your workout frequently to keep the calorie burning highest.

Take your workout to the great outdoors.

If you want to switch up your workout a little, try doing it in the backyard or just go take a hike in the park. Getting close to nature adds to the benefit of the workout. You can even do your workout barefoot and take advantage of grounding and spend ten to fifteen minutes safe sunning, to boost your vitamin D. Always do it smartly and base it on your previous exposure and complexion. Take along sun screen for use after safe sunning time is over.

Staying active and switching it up, doesn’t always mean you have to come to the gym.

Find activities that are physical that you enjoy. It doesn’t mean it has to be sports. It could be dancing, playing games with the kids or even taking a hike or a bike ride. This type of physical activity should be something you look forward to doing and even be a reason for you to workout and get stronger. Not all fitness workouts occur in the gym and they don’t have to be grueling to get results.

  • There’s a good reason to make a workout more fun. You’ll be more apt to do it when it is. If you have a playground or park nearby that you can use, many people find that playing like they did as kids is fun.
  • Don’t forget to eat healthy and have healthy snacks. If you go for a hike as your out-of-gym workout, take along a picnic basket of a healthy lunch or pack healthy snacks in your backpack.
  • Make the workout part of family fun. Shoot hoops with the kids or take the dog for a walk. You can even entertain the cat with a toy you can dangle. Pets and kids both need exercise and you’ll help them while you help yourself.
  • Learn some of the more interesting spots and tourist spots in your neighborhood and walk or ride a bike to see them. You’ll get a lesson in local history and your exercise all at the same time.

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