Take Your Workouts To The Next Level

If you want to take your workouts to the next level you have to make some changes that will help you get more from your present workout. One change, if you don’t already do it, is warm up properly. Warming up is important for your muscles to work efficiently and maximize the benefits. That ten minute warm up also should be warming the right muscle groups. If you’re running in place on the treadmill for a session of weight lifting, you’re not getting the most from your warm-up time. Do dynamic stretches that use the same muscle groups you’ll be working and ones that also mimic the movements you’ll be making for the best results.

Switch up to circuit training.

There are many different types of circuit training that put you into the next level of fitness. Circuit training is done by combining several exercises, each with either a specific amount of time or number of reps. You do one exercise for the allocated reps or time, quickly move to the next, do it, and so on. Finishing all the exercises creates a circuit, which is repeated. The key is not to rest between each type of exercise, but move quickly to the next. It not only burns fat, it can save time and combine several types of training into one session. You can use any type of exercise for the circuit, so it breaks the monotony of long sets and repetitions.

Try HIIT—high intensity interval training.

HIIT may sound a bit like circuit training and is often confused with it, but it’s very different. You run, lift or do bodyweight exercises at maximum effort for a short period, folled by an equal or longer period at moderate or recovery level, then back to maximum level. By continually modifying the effort, you can work longer at peak performance, so you get more out of the workout and cut the workout time significantly. While HIIT originally started as an aerobic workout, it now often used with strength training. Just like circuit training, good form is a must for each exercise.

If you’re in the gym, it may be what you eat, not your actual workout.

Your diet plays a big role in how effective you are when you workout. You need the proper fuel and nutrients to do your best. Having adequate calories to maximize your workout is also important, not only for an effective session, but for recovery. Not only should you eat a balanced diet, designed to help you achieve your goals, you need to eat a snack an hour or two before a workout to fuel up and one following it to provide nutrients for muscle repair.

  • The preworkout snack should be a combination of protein and carbs, to provide a steady level of fuel, such as a PB&J. Afterward, eat a high protein, carb combination, focusing on the protein to rebuild muscle tissue and recover, such as Greek yogurt and berries.
  • Get and stay hydrated. If sounds simple, but is extremely important. If you don’t have adequate hydration, you won’t perform well. Take a bottle of water with you to the gym and sip it frequently throughout your workout.
  • Get adequate sleep. This is another simple technique to boost your exercise effectiveness, but also one that’s extremely important. Your body heals when you sleep, so you need it to build muscles, but also to have the energy for an effective workout.
  • Take advantage of days you don’t come to the gym to do activities that get you moving, but also ones you love. Spend time hiking, riding a bike, or walking around the zoo with the kids. Whether you go dancing or shoot hoops with your buddies, get exercise doing something you love.

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