How To Pack A Healthy Lunch

If you want to pack a healthy lunch, the app from Gym Slayer in Elk Grove, CA will certainly help you, but there are a few tips for those that want to go it on their own or just want a little more information. A healthy lunch starts with prioritizing healthy eating at all meals. Find your motivation. Is it that you feel better when you eat healthy or want to ensure your kids get the advantage of healthier meals? Are you trying to shed a few extra pounds or dealing with a health issue? No matter what the reason, every meal is important, including lunch.

If you’re making healthy dinners, make extra for lunch.

You don’t have to eat your leftovers the next day, skip a day and have them at that time. You can also change the form of your leftovers to add variety. Make a power or Buddha bowl for lunch from last night’s supper. A Buddha bowl is a vegetarian meal that is in a single bowl and a power bowl has meat of some type. It can include rice, quinoa, chickpeas and loads of vegetables with chunks of meat, fish or poultry for power bowls. It can be heated or you can opt for a fresh bowl that’s chilled and contains spinach or lettuce, plus other leftovers.

Do meal planning and cook ahead.

It doesn’t matter whether you use our app or do it on your own, planning and making meals ahead will save time and money. Make extra and pack in meal size portions with some you’ll use for healthy lunches. If you just want to focus on lunch, cook ahead and make enough to server for three days. Pack with extra toppings like dressing for the salad and include things like grains, roasted vegetables and an animal or plant protein. If you’re making salad, make enough for just three days or two days of lunch and a dinner.

Get creative and make sure you like what you pack.

No matter how healthy food is, if you don’t eat it or hate every minute of it, you won’t be happy. Don’t force yourself to eat food you don’t like at any meal. Use the leftovers creatively to change the way they look, like making soup from leftover veggies and meat or create a salad from the leftovers. If you have cooked spaghetti squash, toss it with fresh vegetables and drizzle salad over it. Creativity can change the taste and look of the leftover.

  • If you opt for leftovers or a Buddha or power bowl, make it up right after dinner, before you clean up and have it ready to take with you in the morning.
  • Always have a backup plan with meals ready in the freezer. Sometimes, there are no leftovers to take with you, that’s when freezer meals made ahead are perfect and ready to take along.
  • Use the buddy system to get more variety. If you have a good friend that’s trying to eat healthy also, alternate using leftovers for lunches. Cook extra so you have two meals to take and the next day enjoy a meal created by your friend.
  • Make sure you have good containers that are airtight to pack and freeze lunches. Make sure that it can go in a microwave if you have to heat it.

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