How To Make Leg Day More Fun

If you count every minute of your leg workout, grinding through each repetition and set, feeling relieved as you approach the last one, so you can finish and do something else, your workout is boring. Sure, leg day will always be grueling and tough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make leg day more fun. Switching things up and making some changes can actually make leg day a breeze. You will probably still have the muscle soreness, that’s part of getting into shape, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly the time goes.

Get creative with the old favorites.

If you’re doing the same old routine, no wonder it’s boring. Shake things up a bit. Sure, some of the oldies are goodies because they get the job done and work your legs to the max, but how about modifying them a bit. Instead of just doing squats, do squats to music and make it a dance routine or martial arts style of workout.

Do different types of each exercise.

There are numerous types of lunges and squats. Try a new way to do one those each workout. You can keep the same basic workout, but one week, do prisoner squats, in addition to your normal workout. Try plie’ squats with a foot drag or pistol squats. There are a huge number of lunges and new ones being created by exercise enthusiasts every day. Try a skater lunge, pendulum lunge or goblet forward lunge. You’ll have fun and work a number of different muscle groups.

HIIT and circuit training can make your workout more challenging and fun.

If your leg day is steady state and predictable, shake it up a bit. Create a HIIT—high intensity interval training—workout. That’s where you workout at high intensity for a short period and then change the intensity to recovery for an equal or longer time, returning to the high intensity after you do. Circuit training will get you working hard, taking a very short rest between sets and moving on right to the next exercise. It can be fun to see how this speeds up your workout dramatically and really works your body hard.

  • Alternate your leg days. Spend one day doing regular gym exercises and another day doing a fun leg exercise. Skiing, swimming, dancing and martial arts make leg day more fun.
  • Make every day leg day. Instead of alternating every other day, work a little each day on your legs. Do more moderate weights and lighter exercise everyday, instead of every other day.
  • Challenge yourself more. If you’re not challenging yourself in the gym, it’s no wonder it’s not fun. Don’t forget to record your results, since winners keep score.
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