Great Indoor Exercises

If you’re looking for the best indoor exercises, of course, we recommend you come to Gym Slayer in Elk Grove, CA, where you’ll learn routines you can do at home or at our gym. We understand that our rainy winters and super hot summers sometimes make exercising outside almost impossible. For people most susceptible, we want you to know we take special precautions to ensure our gym is safe, but here are some exercising you can do at home, which don’t require equipment.

Bodyweight exercises uses the body as the weight instead of machines, barbells or dumbbells.

One of the oldest ways to train is actually bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. They have proven beneficial and passed the test of time. In fact, special forces and the military still use them. Start with a simple one, like a push-up. It can be modified to fit your level of fitness. You can start with a simple wall push-up, where you place your palms on the wall and lean forward with your arms and body straight. Bend your elbows and slowly move toward the wall. Move to a kneeling push up as you get stronger and finally onto a traditional one, with your chest and stomach flat on the floor and arms bent 45 degrees, pushing up with the hands while keeping the body straight.

Squats provide another great indoor workout.

Squats may seem simple, but performed correctly burn tons of calories. Start with your feet at shoulder-width, turned out slightly, putting the weight on your heels. Start hinging your hips and bending your knees as you lower yourself as though you’re sitting until your thighs are at a 90 degree angle to the body and parallel to the ground. Push up with your heels, squeezing core muscles as you do. You can modify the squat by not lowering yourself as deeply.

The plank may seem simple, but it simply isn’t.

One of the most basic moves that is used in other exercises is the plank position. The beginners plank has you start with your body face down, raise yourself, putting the weight on your forearms and toes, while keeping your elbows under your shoulders. Hold the position, while tightening the core muscles to keep your body in a straight line from your hips to your head. You can modify it by reaching one arm out or walking your body up one side at a time until your weight is on your hands, not forearms.

  • No matter what exercise you do, focusing on the proper form is important. If you can’t do a regular push-up, do a modified knee-bent or wall push-up until you are strong enough to do the full movements of a traditional one.
  • Every bodyweight exercise can be modified to make it simpler or work a different part of the body. Sometimes just changing the placement of hands to a different width makes a huge difference.
  • Try varying the speed of each exercise to create a HIIT workout. Do one set at top intensity and then slow the next to recovery, a slower pace that allows your heart rate to go back to normal. Go back and forth between the two speeds.
  • If you want more variety, use household items to substitute for equipment. A laundry detergent bottle filled with sand can be a kettlebell and soup cans or water bottles make great dumbbells. A simple jump rope makes a great workout challenge.

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